9 Fantastic Attic Room Design Ideas, You Will Absolutely Love

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attic room design

Many people think that an attic is the worst room of a house. Therefore, they use it as a storage room in which they can store invaluable things. What if I tell you that an attic packs a lot of fun? Check out these 9 fantastic attic room design ideas that blow your mind and make you want to stay there a bit longer.

1. Private Loft Room

Attic Room Design - Private Loft Room

If you do not have more space to build a bedroom, you can turn your attic into a comfy and private bedroom. You can put a bed and some sofas in it to ensure your comfort. Putting some embellishments will be nice as long as you keep them simple just like this bedroom.

The rustic look is clearly seen from the standing lamp by the sofa. It looks like a big log with a huge bird nest. A clay jar put near the bed makes the attic look classic.


  • The windows above the bed enable you to get sufficient light during the day. They also enable you to stare at the stars while lying on your bed.


  • The day light that passes through the glass windows can make the room become so hot.

2. Twin Beds in The Attic

Twin Beds in The Attic

Your kids will not squawk about staying in a small, dark, and creepy room anymore because you have turned the dark attic into a nice bedroom. This fabulous attic room idea will make your kids smile exuberantly, instead.

Two beds that look exactly the same are added to this attic so that your boys will not squabble over whose bed is better. Two rustic storage racks with small wheels let them learn how to organize their toys. Since this room is for boys, keep it simple is a must. In this case, you can paint it monochromatic colors.


  • Cover the glass windows above the bed with a roller blind to avoid the glare and heat.

3. Elevated Bed and Racks

Elevated Bed and Racks

Another brilliant idea for your boys ─ elevated beds and racks. The elevated beds enable your boys to sit comfortably on the bed. The multifunctional racks will enable them to store various kinds of things such as books and knick knacks. They can even hang some clothes there.


  • The elevated beds will enable the to sit comfortably.


  • The elevated beds leave a little space between the beds and the ceiling which can make you bump your head.
  • The top part of the racks is too high. It is hard to reach it.

4. Luxurious Bedroom

Luxurious Bedroom

A bedroom in the attic can be luxurious if you arrange the furniture fastidiously. This bedroom features a couch and some armchairs that ensure you a relaxing ambience. There is also a make-up table at the corner of the room.


  • Natural light makes this room look more spacious.


  • Too much furniture will make a room look less spacious.

5. Mid Century Modern Living Room in An Attic

Mid Century Modern Living Room in An Attic

If you think that an attic can only be turned into bedrooms, you will be surprised to know that it can make a pretty good living room.

This living room applies the style of mid century modern which many people are crazy about. And the most interesting thing is it is on the attic. The clear-line furniture is one of the most significant features of this style. The glass windows let the natural light to permeate to the entire attic.


  • The glass windows let the natural light to pass through, but they also let the glare come in. Therefore, you need to hang curtains to cover them and alleviate the glare.

6. Small yet Comfortable Bedroom

Small yet Comfortable Bedroom

Although this attic is pretty small, it can still make a pretty good bedroom. In this case, a single bed can fit it very well. To make the room look more spacious, let the natural light pass through the window.


  • To make a cramped room look bigger, use low-level furniture. Therefore, getting rid of the bed frame will be your greatest bet.

7. Cool Wardrobe in The Attic

Cool Wardrobe in The Attic

If your attic does not have enough space for a bed and it is likely to make a cramped bedroom, you can use it as your wardrobe. Hang your clothes and store your shoes in this attic. Do not forget to fix some light so that your wardrobe looks like a professional one.


  • You can also put a huge mirror in it so that you can try some dresses on and see whether they fit you well.

8. Cozy Living Room

Cozy Living Room

This cozy living room is a great place to spend your time with your family. You can lounge on the soft and comfy gray sofa while watching your favorite TV shows or movies. Or, if you do not feel like to watch TV, you can grab a book on the bookshelf and read it by the window for a better reading experience.

This living room features white carpet that covers the floor wall-to-wall. Tounge-and-groove ceiling makes the attic look more spacious.


  • White makes room look more spacious and cleaner.
  • The windows allow the natural light to pass through, making the room look airy.

Cons :

  • White is prone to dirt.
  • Since the carpet is tacked down to the floor, it cannot be replaced easily.

9. Attic Room Design Blend with The Nature

Blend with The Nature

Many people think that a bedroom in an attic is a dead end. It will always be dull and cramped. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

This bedroom looks impressive despite being dark. Hidden lights are installed beneath the bed which make the bed look floating like Alladin’s flying carpet. Instead of clear glass windows, frosted glass windows are installed to let the natural light to pass through as well as alleviating the glare.


  • The hidden lights provide dim light that create a romantic ambience to this bedroom.


  • Dim light is not good for eyesight.

Now you know that there are a lot of things to do with your attic. With one of these fantastic attic room design ideas, say bye-bye to that dark and mundane room, and say “hello” to your dream room.

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