8 Smart Solutions of Bathroom Storage Ideas

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Bathroom Storage Ideas

Your small bathroom leaves you no choice but storing toiletries in another room which is really frustrating especially when you are in the middle of bathing and just realized that you are running out of shampoo. Try these 8 smart solutions of bathroom storage ideas to get rid of clutter as well as improving the look of your bathroom.

1. Wall-Mounted Bathroom Storage

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Storage

If you do not have much space to store some toilet papers and towels while placing another cupboard will just make your bathroom become more cramped, you can try making some wall-mounted racks.

These wall-mounted racks are a smart solution for limited space. You can hang them in any remaining space in your bathroom including the space above the toilet tank. Since they are hung right above the toilet tank and next to the bath tub, it will be much easier for you to grab shampoo or toilet paper in no time.


  • Getting the toilet paper will be a breeze even if you are being occupied.


  • You might bump your head on the racks.

2. Racks on The Bath Tub

Racks on The Bath Tub

When installing a bath tub, some awkward space between the bath tub and the wall occurs. Some people think that it cannot be used so that they just leave it that way. Well, the truth is it can be used for various kinds of usages including some storage racks.

These storage racks are great to conceal the awkward space as well as storing some toiletries – or maybe knick-knacks. You can even put some photographs in it or some scented candles to make your bath time feel more relaxed.


  • It will be better if you cover the bottom part of the rack with vinyl curtain or plastic doors to prevent the splash from ruining it.

3. Wire Racks on The Cabinet’s Door

Wire Racks on The Cabinet’s Door

If your bathroom cabinets are already full and it is impossible to store more things without making a mess, building some wire racks on the cabinet’s door is a great idea. It is like a hidden place where you can store some shampoos and soaps as well as keeping the cabinet tidy.

Instead of leaving a laundry basket which is full of dirty laundry at the corner of your bathroom, why don’t you hide it in the cabinet so that the bathroom will keep looking clean and tidy? This cabinet features a built-in laundry basket that can be pulled out so that you can load and unload it easily.


  • The racks inside the cabinet make your bathroom look tidy.


  • Making a pull-out rack might be arduous.

4. DIY Glass Storage Ideas

DIY Glass Storage Ideas

Repurposing glass jars and turning them into some useful storage racks will be your best bet especially when you are short on cash. You only need to find some old jars and an old wood plank that will hold the jars.

The first thing to do is attach the wood plank on the wall. To do this, you can either nail or screw it to the wall. Attach some hose clamps on the wood plank to hold the jars’ necks.

You can use these jars to store small items such as cotton buds, razors, brushes, and many other things.


  • Paint and decorate the jars to accentuate them.

5. Multifunctional Drawer

Multifunctional Drawer

You have a bathroom with very limited space? No big deal! You can still store toilet papers and some other stuff in it without taking up so much space. Even an awkward space next to the closet can be the best place for you to store things if you invest on this multifunctional drawer.

This small drawer has some compartments that can be used to store toiletries and toilet papers efficiently. It is really useful despite the small size. And – of course – this is what you need for your small and cramped bathroom.


  • You can store many things and keep them organized.


  • Making this small drawer entails more skills especially if you are not into DIY.

6. DIY Wall-Mounted Storage Rack

DIY Wall-Mounted Storage Rack

Upcycling leftover is the best way to salt away some money, just like this rustic wall-mounted storage bathroom.

This rack is amazing. It holds various kinds of things right above the bathroom sink which definitely can save some space. You can put your go-to make-up brushes and comb in it so that you can grab them in no time when you are in a hurry.


  • It is such a great and an inexpensive rack.
  • Not having doors or any other covers, this rack enables you to get your toothbrush or comb in no time.


  • Since it is too close to the faucet, it is prone to splash which can wet your make-up brushes.

7. Built-In Bathroom Storage Ideas

Built-In Bathroom Storage Ideas

Instead of purchasing bathroom cabinets which take up a lot of space, investing on built-in racks can be your best choice.

These racks are quite large, but they do not make the bathroom look more cramped. They are hidden in the wall, instead. Sheer curtains are used to cover them in place of wooden doors.


  • You can store towels and many kinds of things without taking up more space.


  • Since it is a built-in rack, it is not movable. If you moved it, it would leave a very awkward space behind the curtains.

8. Above The Door Storage Rack

Above The Door Storage Rack

This is another smart solution for small bathrooms – above the door storage rack. If you have so limited space that you cannot move through in your bathroom or powder room, making a wall-mounted rack can be your safe bet. However, it can be another disaster sometimes since it still takes up some space.

To make this rack more efficient, you can put a wall-mounted rack above the door. By installing it above the door, you will be able to move through easily and keep the toilet papers and towels tidy.


  • You will be able to move through and keep the bathroom tidy despite the limited space.


  • You might find it hard to get the toilet papers.

Those are 8 smart solutions of bathroom storage ideas. Now you do not need to fret as having a bathroom with limited space is not a dead end for you. By implementing one of these ideas, you can organize your toiletries in a fun way.

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