8+ Effortless DIY Bathroom Vanity Plans That Will Make You Gobsmacked

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bathroom vanity plans

Having a bathroom vanity can help you organize things easily. However, finding the best bathroom vanity that meets your requirement is not that easy. Instead of spending a lot of money to purchase the one that you need, why don’t you make it by yourself? Check out these effortless DIY bathroom vanity plans that will make you gobsmacked.

1. White Simple Bathroom Vanity

White Simple Bathroom Vanity

This white bathroom vanity will suit your white and small bathroom very well. It has two cabinets that can be pulled out.

To make this bathroom vanity, first of all, you need to assemble the two cabinet sides. Make sure that you insert the cabinet panels in approximately 1/2”. Then, assemble the face frame with a 12 5/8″ gap between the two cabinet supports. After that, attach the sides to the face frame. They have to be flush on the top.

The next step is you need to add the bottom shelf supports and the plywood shelves. Then, attach the cabinet support with the back legs, and the bottom shelf support. After that, assemble the cabinet door. You can glue and nail it to the drawer fronts and divider. Then, install the cabinet door using hinges. Do not forget to leave an 1/8″ gap on all sides.

After installing the cabinet door, you can attach the feet and install the countertop. For the finishing touch, you can either stain or paint it. But before staining the vanity, you need to sand it using sandpaper.


  • Plywood is durable and strong.
  • It is quite affordable than many other boards.


  • The layered property of plywood makes the wood porous and damaged easily if it is often exposed to leaks.

2. Gray Vintage Style Bathroom Vanity

Gray Vintage Style Bathroom Vanity

Add the touch of vintage style to your bathroom by making this gray bathroom vanity. This vanity is made of plywood and consists of 9 cabinets that you can use to store towels and toilet papers.

When making this vanity, you need to keep everything simple. Therefore, non-mortise hinges are used so that the doors will have a clear-cut look. Talking about keeping things simple, the door knobs and pulls look great despite being unsophisticated.


  • You can use any kinds of boards of your choice, but plywood is more affordable.

3. Unsophisticated Bathroom Vanity

Unsophisticated Bathroom Vanity

If you are not into sophisticated bathroom vanity that entails a lot of work, this super simple bathroom vanity will be your best bet. To make this vanity, you will need some dowels, boards, and an edge-glued panels.

Before building the vanity, you need to get a sink and a faucet because you will use them to determine the sink and faucet cut-outs in the top panel. For the finishing touch, you can stain the vanity so that it looks sleek and more attractive.


  • Apply gel stain instead of the liquid one to get a better look. Liquid stain tends to be absorbed by the woods, highlighting the uneven surface of the woods. On the other hand, gel stain will coat the woods perfectly due to its pudding-like texture.

4. Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity

Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity

Floating bathroom vanity gives the clean look to the bathroom. It also makes the bathroom look more spacious because you get rid of the legs that usually take up more space.

The combination of white countertop and clear-cut handle bars makes this vanity suits contemporary styles. This vanity also features two bars that can be used to handle towels. To make the bathroom vanity look more attractive, you can apply dark brown wood veneer.


  • Veneer sheets enable you to get the look of real wood with an affordable cost.
  • They can increase strength and durability because they protect the boards from damage.
  • They are environmentally friendly.


  • Wood veneer sheets are susceptible to water damage.
  • They are prone to cracking and peeling. And when it happens, they cannot be repaired.

5. Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic bathroom vanity always adds the touch of classic to any bathrooms. Therefore, many homeowners like to have it for a bit classic look.

To make this bathroom vanity, you need to get some boards or you can even use some leftover to cut down on more expenses. Instead installing clear-cut handle bars, some curvy ones will look great. To assemble the doors and cabinets, mortise hinges are more preferable than non-mortise hinges.


  • To protect the vanity from damage because of water, you can stain it. Applying liquid stain is better because it will not overlap the rustic look.

6. Corner Bathroom Vanity Plans

Corner Bathroom Vanity Plans

If you do not have enough space for a big bathroom vanity, you can try this bathroom vanity plan.

Before building the vanity, you will need to measure and cut the boards and the countertop so that they can fit the corner of your bathroom very well. The vintage style is clearly seen from the use of curvy legs, simple handle bars, and the non-mortise hinges.


  • White vanity suits the bathroom very well.
  • Placing it at the corner enables you to have more space in your bathroom.


  • White is prone to dirt.
  • It will be a bit hard to build a corner bathroom vanity.

7. Super Easy Floating Bathroom Vanity

Super Easy Floating Bathroom Vanity

If you do not have much time to spend to build a bathroom vanity, this one will be your must-try DIY project. It is super easy and cheap. You only need to find a board and determine the cut-outs for the sink and faucet. Then, you only need to install some shelf holder brackets to hold the board. Finally, install the sink.


  • It will be better if cut the edges evenly so that it won’t be harmful.

8. Box The Sink

Box The Sink

Another rustic and effortless bathroom vanity that you can try for your next DIY project. This bathroom vanity does not require many materials. You can even use some leftover. The idea is just to hold the sink.


  • It is easy to build.


  • It does not have any storage space.

Those are some bathroom vanity plans that you can try at home. You do not have to pay through the nose to get a bathroom vanity that suits your need very well. If you can make it yourself and cut down on more expenses, why do you have to burn a hole in your pocket?

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