7 Blue Bathroom Ideas That Surely Relax Your Soul

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blue bathroom ideas

Some blue bathroom ideas would be very helpful to make a relaxing yet inviting bathroom. As we know, colors play a crucial part of interior design in any room. You have to make a lot of considerations before deciding which color you’d like to have in a room.

A bathroom is one of the most important parts of a house. You need to focus when dealing with bathroom design. What style and feeling you want to add inside the bathroom need to be decided cleverly.

There are a lot of color shades available to be chosen. One color we’d like to focus on in this page is blue. The cool and soothing blue would be a natural fit for your bathroom. Blue is the color that can bring up relaxing and inviting feeling.

Here are some stunning blue bathroom ideas that will surely relax your soul while enjoying taking bath or shower inside it.

1. Blue Grout and White Tiles Combination

Blue Grout and White Tiles Combination

White could be the best thing that ever happens to any shades of blue. In order to make a perfect sense of relaxing, many designers recommend pairing blue with clean white color. Take a look at this narrow bathroom design, it looks the blue and white is in a good commitment.

Check out those industrial lightings, the bulbs make a dramatic charm to the bathroom atmosphere. The blue grout is just very inviting and perfectly combined with white tiles in the shower. The amount of white element is less than the blue which makes the blue color to be the main attraction.


  • For this shades of blue arrangement, white is all you need to decorate.
  • That lighting bulbs are making a good additions.


  • The only problem is the flooring that seems to be joined the wall.

2. White Bathroom with A Punch of Royal Blue Colors

White Bathroom with A Punch of Royal Blue Colors

Instead of having one color to dominate the interior design, you can have three colors combination that each of them has the similar amount of colors. Check out this stunning bathroom. The deep blue tiles and blue doors make a good centerpiece in this bathroom.

The white color is spreading on the ceiling, flooring, and also bathtub. Black colors stand on its own on the window and door frames. It’s pretty clear that the basic color of this bathroom is white. As you can see, there’re two items of decors attached to the window frame. It could be better those items are removed, so you can have a better clean view of the window.


  • It feels like a relaxing place to unwind.
  • The clear window and doors are just perfect.


  • The placement of the tub doesn’t fit the size that the room has.

3. Upper for Blue, Lower for White

Upper for Blue, Lower for White

This is the fresh looking bathroom with all two colors as the main attention. Don’t bother to add another color to the mix, blue and white is enough. On the lower part, you’ll be served with the clean and relaxing elements of white. All of the elements are in white which is matched with the shades of the white tiles.

On the half of the wall right from the middle part of the whole ceiling, the deep blue color is taking control. The designer chooses the deep blue instead of the light one. I guess is the right shade to choose since the white shade is already bright.


  • It’s very unique and simple.
  • You don’t need to spend more budget on paints.


  • The lower part is risky to be in all white.
  • It would be easier to get dirty since the shades of white are really bright and clean.

4. Case of The Blues Inside The Bathroom

 Case of The Blues Inside The Bathroom

If you want to make your bathroom space to be more cohesive, take a look at this thoughtful approach to bathroom design. On one wall you have it in mosaic tiles and the rest of the wall you get a coat of navy blue color. Get them flows together to achieve success cohesive feeling.


  • That dark blue creates a stunning accent to the bathroom interior design.
  • Instead of plain boring white, the designer decided to have the interesting mosaic tiles.


  • Placement of the towel looks messy.

5. White Midcentury Bathroom with Impressive Blue Flooring

White Midcentury Bathroom

Target you nostalgic side by applying a design like midcentury modern in your bathroom. Check out this stunning bathroom that is designed by Urbanism Design. That distressed wooden vanity could really be the main feature of this bathroom but that flooring design is just the best thing ever.

That blue geometric tile floor looks so gorgeous in this white bathroom. That really spice up the midcentury feeling you’d like to have. It’s got a sharp charm that affects the whole atmosphere of this bathroom.


  • It’s a great example of harmonious match of blue and white.


  • The distressed wood vanity is just too much.
  • The wooden vanity doesn’t belong here.

6. Baby Blue Color That Brightens The Bathroom

Baby Blue Color That Brightens The Bathroom

Looking for cute, feminine, and definite classic of bathroom design, this is the right one, to begin with. This cute bathroom is designed by a fantastic designer named Mona Ross Berman. She paired the light blue with the marble floor and that unique chandelier.

The hex marble floor is there to emphasize the texture. Then, the gorgeous spherical chandelier is there to add focus and drama into the mix.


  • hose light soft blue shades are so soothing.
  • Instead of plain white, the textured marble makes a great shape.


  • With this bright combination, you won’t need a window that big.

7. Contemporary Blue Bathroom Ideas for Children

Contemporary Blue Bathroom Ideas for Children

If the simple, classic pairing of navy blue and white doesn’t make a bathroom that special. You may want to express a little more creativity. Check out this kid’s bathroom design. It’s got a hand-painted starry ceiling that turns the bathroom into an amazing space where your children can feel like they’re playfully guiding ships by the stars.


  • It’s dreamy and festive.


  • There’re too many things happen in this bathroom.

There’s no other place that can serve you with those amazing and inspiring blue bathroom ideas. All of them will make a great interior design for your bathroom.

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