8 Closet Door Ideas That Style Your Bedroom

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In order to make your bedroom more stylish than ever, the closet door ideas in this page would do the work. Getting a stylish bedroom need a bit of a work. There are things you can do to any elements of the bedroom to make them a sort of attention but let’s focus on one thing.

A closet is the essential element of a bedroom. It’s the perfect space to store your belongings even bother to get them all open for everyone to see. That would be uncomfortable. One important element of the closet is the door.

The closet door tends to be forgotten about when dealing with home decor. Don’t let the door become the boring feature of your bedroom. Work something out with these stylish closet door ideas in assistant.

1. Bedroom Closet Door with Mirror

Bedroom Closet Door with Mirror

A mirror is a great choice to be attached to a closet door. It can be both decorative and functional. Despite its clean and stunning look, the mirror is used to do the reflecting whenever you need it. The mirror would aid you to be looking excellent before going outdoors.


  • It makes the closet more fashionable.
  • It adds a good amount of light into the bedroom.


  • Mirror on the closet door is somewhat outdated.

2. Closet With Sliding Barn Door

Closet With Sliding Barn Door

Wanna go unique for your bedroom in a little bit extreme style? This sliding barn door can be a good charm for your bedroom. One thing you need to consider when applying this kind of element, you need to find a matching wall paint color for it. The barn door in this bedroom looks a fantastic match with yellow wall.


  • A great way to save space in the room.


  • The sliding structure needs to reconstruct the wall itself.
  • A distressed wood doesn’t belong to a bedroom.

3. Using Bifold Closet Door for Bedroom

Using Bifold Closet Door for Bedroom

For a traditional look, this treatment for your closet is a nice option. The bifold closet door would be a space-saving door that can be decorated and painted according to the needs. So, you can be creative to make a unique style of your own closet door.

Suggestion. You can install geometric wood molding to get a modern look. A fabric from curtain rods can also be a good option to decorate the bifold door. What about a patterned wallpaper? It would sure match the style you want.


  • It’s a space-saving treatment for your bedroom.


  • A folding door is old.

4. Girly Closet Door Ideas Using Orange Curtain

Girly Closet Door Ideas

Take a look at this feminine bedroom closet, you won’t need a real door to conceal your belongings in the bedroom. A simple orange striped curtain would do the work. This is definitely designed for kids closet. The green wall makes a good friend with orange because of the white color in the middle.


  • Even though it’s designed for kids, the design is quite flexible for adults too.
  • The striped orange color in the middle of the green is very interesting and unique.


  • A curtain can hide the stuff but it’s not secured.

5. Sliding Panels Closet Door for Contemporary Bedroom

Sliding Panels Closet Door

Who’s ready for this gray-blue sliding panels for the closet door? It’s both looking soothing and gorgeous. It’s also space-friendly too. The design matches the whole bedroom design. Every element here is designed in minimalist style.

The sliding door panels give your bedroom many positive impacts. It could both conceal and secure your clothes inside. And, it also saves a lot of space for door opening. You won’t need extra space just for opening the closet.


  • It conceals your belongings safely.


  • The sliding treatment is not really that necessary in a medium or large size of a bedroom.

6. Bedroom Ideas with Blurred Glass Closed Door

Bedroom Ideas with Blurred Glass Closed Door

The whole thing inside this bedroom is well-designed and well-positioned. The designer chooses to have the closet door to be different than the other. It’s got a blurred glass in order to conceal the stuff inside. The owner would recognize what’s inside without even bother to open it. Even though, the closet door is still hiding it since other people wouldn’t able to see it clearly.


  • It’s an affordable design.
  • Choosing the Blurred Glass as the closet door is clever.


  • It could be glass, it could be plastic which looks cheap.

7. Industrial Closet Door Ideas with A Steel Gliding Door

Industrial Closet Door Ideas

In the previous ideas, there are some interesting sliding door designs that would be a good decoration for your bedroom. This time is the time for masculine bedroom design. Men would love to have a something strong and industrial for a decoration.

A steel gliding door is not new in an industrial world. It’s common to be used in a warehouse, workshop, kitchen, and many other working spaces. How about the bedroom? is it well-suited?


  • Industrial Chic is great with rustic.
  • Men would love this manly idea.


  • It’s only suitable for men.
  • Women wouldn’t be okay having this kind of closet door.

8. Wallpaper Decorated Closet Door

Wallpaper Decorated Closet Door

Another affordable option for closet door decoration, instead of applying it to the wall, the wallpaper is also good to go with closet door surface. There are nearly endless design and color choices available when it comes to wallpaper.

Check out this impressive pink floral wallpaper on a closet door. You white bright bedroom would transform into the source of attraction. The closet would easily become the center of attention with this wallpaper design.


  • It’s a cute way to beautify your bedroom.
  • One closet design can change everything.
  • It would spread out the fun atmosphere.


  • This attention stealer would make other elements invincible.

Many homeowners just don’t care about the closet door. They just leave the door to be dull and uninteresting. Do you know how much impact that closet door design can give to your whole bedroom? Well, I think those stylish closet door ideas above already make a statement.

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