17+ Clever Closet Organization Ideas To Help You Create More Space

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There are a lot of things to deal with when we’re talking about the closet organization ideas. A closet is like the heart of your daily fashionable life. You need to get anything inside your closet to be well organized. It’s very important since people wear their clothes every day. They’ll need to have it efficient and well stored.

Closet organization ideas will be so much needed when you’re having trouble organizing your goods inside a little space of the closet. It’s very essential to use every inch that you have in the closet. You may need to look for clever ways to pack more into less closet.

Well, you don’t need to find it anywhere because the solutive ideas are here. In this article, you will be served with 8 clever ways to organize your closet. Get ready to enjoy a clutter-free living and to learn how to adapt plans to work for your own closet.

1. A Closet from A Bookshelf

A Closet from A Bookshelf

If you are into reading books, you probably have a bunch collections of books on your bookshelf. As you can see, a bookshelf can also be used for your closet’s storage. It’s quite clever to use this hack. That bookshelf is designed by IKEA which looks perfect for clothes and also other accessories like bags, purses, hats, and more.

Suggestion. The white colored bookshelf is gonna be the perfect choice for every closet. As you can see, that room has a blue background which makes a great combination with that white shelf. You can also pick other base colors.


  • You can organize almost anything in your closet.
  • It’s very flexible for any types of clothing.


  • There are too many small spaces, it’s pretty confusing.

2. Organizing Closet for Men’s Accessories

Organizing Closet for Men’s Accessories

Organizing any accessories for him would be really neat and clutter-free this way. As you can see, all the things are inside a frame which makes space is controlled. You can hang ties, belts, and hats. All those accessories are neatly hung on a pegboard that’s covered with fabric.


  • If you need your accessories, you just know where to go.


  • There would be a lot of hangers to deal with.
  • It’s easy to get messy.

3. Color-Coordinated Closet Organization

Color-Coordinated Closet Organization

If you like to play with color, don’t bother to use paint in all of your elements in the closet. You can combine the colors of your items of clothing coordinatedly. Take a look at this closet, it combines sleek white hangers with some containers in light blue.

Suggestion. Those blue containers can be used by all the cluttering accessories that you have. You can also put in some undies to keep it hidden.


  • This setting is friendly to the small-spaced closet.
  • It has a pleasing looking.


  • The space is very limited, it won’t fit all of your clothes.

4. Overhead Storage for Closet Organization

Overhead Storage for Closet Organization

This is one of the easiest applications for clever organization ideas especially if you have a closet which is a bit cramped. This way would be very helpful. You can just stack wicker baskets on the top of the shelf. There you have it, the concealed yet stylish storage for your clutter-free closet.


  • The wicker baskets are easy to get.


  • Because of its place is on the top shelf, the board could be broken if the baskets have too much weight.

5. Closet Organization for High Heels

Closet Organization for High Heels

Women find it hard to organize their heels, sometimes. So, they might need some clever ideas to deal with their heels’ organization. With the use of some towel racks, your heels would be well-organized right after installation.

Suggestion. The towel racks should be painted with gold color for releasing the power of gold.


  • It’s the elegant way to hand your heels in a closet.


  • The white base would be easy to get dirty from the shoes.

6. Closet Organization Ideas for Purses

Closet Organization Ideas for Purses

For women, the collections of purses are very important. There are some types of purses they would love to have such as clutches, totes, satchels, and wallets. You can keep track everything easily. It’s the convenient way to arrange your purse collections, and it’s so simple too.

This organizer is designed for purses only, or you can fit some small-sized of bags too. You can just insert it between the hanging clothes. So, the hanger material needs to be strong enough to handle that.


  • You’ll be easier to get your purses.
  • It’s solution to last-minute accessorizing for you.


  • It doesn’t look like an ideal closet.

7. Closet with Customized Storage Boxes

Closet with Customized Storage Boxes

Boxes for storage is a common way to keep the closet away from clutter. Well, the design of boxes doesn’t need to be boring and looks the same for every closet. You can design is based on the design you want to have in the closet.

For example, if you like to apply red-patterned boxes like those boxes in the picture, you can wrap all of the boxes with the gift’s paper you like.


  • It gets your pale white closet more interesting and attractive.


  • Boxes can be confusing if you have too many.

8. Catch-All Storage for Accessories

Catch-All Storage for Accessories

This closet’s extra storage is installed behind the door. It’s actually a shoe organizer, but you can also store some accessories inside some of the pockets. You can get this thoughtful storage from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Suggestion. The color could be just like the picture, in green. If you want to get it more colorful, there’re some colors available for you to choose.


  • All the miscellaneous items can hide over the door.


  • The pockets are too small.
  • It won’t fit your whole shoe collection.
  • Only one is not enough.

When dealing with the organization of the closet, the goal is to get the space to be clutter-free, clean, neat, and well organized. Well, you can’t get all of them without maintaining the space to be clean and neat. All of those closet organization ideas would be very helpful for you to design your closet effectively.

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