Astonishing Gray Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

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gray living room ideas

Looking for gray living room ideas for your interior design? you’re gonna need to read the whole article. In this page, you will be provided with astonishing designs of living room with gray color.

As we know, dealing with living room means you are dealing with the heart of the house. There is a lot of considerations you need to plan according to space’s size and your desired style. A living room should be the most inviting and warm area of the house.

In this place, the whole situation and condition should be comforting for anyone. Some people also call a living room as the room of everyone. One of the most important things to consider for your living room is the color. Color could decide the personality of the space.

One color we’ll focus on in this section is gray. With this soft neutral color, you can turn the living room to be something more sophisticated, relaxed, and playful. Let’s find out in these astonishing gray living room ideas.

1. Gunmetal Grey with Splashes of Yellow

Gunmetal Grey with Splashes of Yellow

Gray is an amazing color, but it’s only great for the base. If you don’t decorate or accentuate it, gray would be boring. I guess you have to be creative to find what is the best color to be paired with gray. The combination of gray and yellow looks fantastic, doesn’t it?

The contrasting look of gunmetal grey and the yellow color is gorgeously fantastic. As you can see, the whole wall is painted with gray. The yellow splashes come from the frames, a rug, a stool, and a pillow. It would be better if there’s no that photo in between the frames.


  • The rug is outstanding.
  • The frames are simple but making a big impact.


  • Those hanging bulbs above the coffee table are unnecessary.
  • That standing lamp on the corner is just enough.

2. A Gray Living Room That Close to Nature

A Gray Living Room That Close to Nature

The gray stone accent wall is the highlight of this living room. The texture of the stone wall really represents the nature. It’s even better with the addition of standing decoration. It’s actually alighting with a bunch of cotton balls to create a fun but dramatic light effect.

Those wall texture gets balanced with the dove gray sofa and the natural design of the wooden coffee table. With that large space of textured wall in the background, you have to let other elements to be simple and smooth.


  • The existence of large glass windows support the natural lighting.


  • Two flowers seem to be too much.
  • The standing decorative lighting doesn’t suit this natural living room.

3. Warm Living Room with Gray and Purple

Warm Living Room with Gray and Purple

There are a bunch other color choices that can make a good couple with gray. One of them is purple or lavender. Purple is a pretty dark color which could be a great accent for soft and light gray color. Check out living room.

Try to feel the atmosphere of this gray and purple living room. It looks pretty dark since there are some darker elements in the room. Don’t worry, the white and gray elements already saved the room from becoming too dark.


  • It’s okay to be bold as long as it gets balanced.


  • The patterned wall is not needed in this situation.

4. Modern Gray and White Living Room

Modern Gray and White Living Room
Modern Gray and White Living Room

With gray color, you can design your living room with any style you want because this kind of color is neutral and flexible too. You can go with modern style with this white and gray living room design. This living room is filled with modern furniture that could extend the modern style of the space.

That chevron rug is the champion in this living room. But the design of this outstanding living room is still winning with or without the rug.


  • The chevron accents really make the living room more interesting.


  • There’s too much brightness in this living room.
  • It needs more bold grays.

5. Gray Living Room Ideas with A ‘Wow’ Factor

Gray Living Room with A ‘Wow’ Factor

In order to create a wow factor, you may need something that would bring attention right away. You can consider having a gray backdrop wall and then put the colorful piece of art on it. As you can see in this transitional living room.

This living room is designed by Clarity Home Interiors which makes a beautiful living room. The gray wall as the backdrop could be a great way to call attention to a special piece. Instead of artwork, you can also play color with the furniture. The wow factor will become the highlight of the living room.


  • It gives its own charm on the wall with that artwork.
  • The red bench is enough to handle the wow factor on the flooring.


  • There are too many bold colors.

6. The True Gray Living Room Design

 The True Gray Living Room Ideas and Design

When it comes to the true gray room, the main attraction is the gray color itself. It’s a guarantee that the gray color would make a calming and classic atmosphere into the living room. With a few accent colors, the living is becoming more and more interesting.


  • It provides a gentle atmosphere that could comfort everyone.
  • The symmetry of the design is appealing.


  • The only thing that is missed here is the lighting.

7. Chic and Modern Gray Living Room with Cinder Block Walls

Modern Gray Living Room

Cinder block is quite common to be in a living room. This living room design has extremely applied cinder block walls as the backdrop. People avoid cinder block walls because it can be a sad fact of some residences. Well, you can cover it with dark charcoal paint in order to take it to the next level.


  • The cinder block wall looks more impressive with that framed artworks.
  • That window brings enough light into the living room.


  • At night, the lighting can be a problem.
  • The dark charcoal paint is not suitable in the living room.

Living room is fine with neutral colors. So, there’s no reason not to choose one of those gray living room ideas above. Gray would look beautiful when combined with any other colors you desire.

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