9 Breathtaking Master Bathroom Ideas that You Long For

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Master Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom is a place where you can invigorate yourself. Since it is a master bathroom, it should do bettter than just a place where you wash up. To take your bath time to the next level, check out these 9 breathtaking master bathroom ideas that you have been longing for.

1. White Exclusive Master Bathroom

White Exclusive Master Bathroom

This master bathroom will make your bath time become the time that you have always been waiting for. There will always be the reasons to go to the bathroom and stay there for a longer periode of time.

This bathroom features two large Glass windows that enable you to see through them while soaking in the bath tub. It also has a television so that you can enjoy your favorit TV program while bathing. No wonder nobody can resist the exclusivity offered by this white bathroom.


  • The spacious bathroom enables you to move through.
  • Watching favorite movies or TV programs while bathing feels so great.


  • The glass windows enable people to see you which is definitely uncomfortable and horrible.

2. Cozy Master Bathroom

Cozy Master Bathroom

This bathroom is not as spacious as many other master bathrooms. It is, however, very cozy. The brown tiles add more patterns to it so that it does not look so dull anymore. The vanity complements the bathroom in a simple way. There is also a shower room and a bath tub that will definitely refresh your body and mind.


To make a cramped bathroom look more spacious, you can instal a huge mirror. The mirror will reflect your bathroom which makes it look bigger.

3. Rustic Vanity for Master Bathroom

Rustic Vanity for Master Bathroom

Featuring rustic vanity, this bathroom does not look obsolete at all. It is fantastic, instead. Above the vanity are unique tiles creating a distinctive pattern that define the mirrrors perfectly. The comfy bath tub sits by the windows perfectly which enables you to enjoy the beautiful landscape while cleaning up.


  • The unique patterns of the tiles make a great focal point.


  • There is no mat near the bath tub to step on. The absence of a mat can make the floor slippery.

4. Elegant Master Bathroom

Elegant Master Bathroom

When stepping into this bathroom, you will be gobsmacked by the elegant look of it. The shower room adopts the style of a beach with those textured panels. The bathroom vanity also adds charm to it with distressed woods topped with marble. The beige shades are used to color the entire bathroom, creating an elegant look to it.


It will be better if you put chenille rugs on the spots that are prone to wet since they can help you dry your feet and absorb excess water so that the floor stays dry.

5. Sandy Beach Master Bathroom

Sandy Beach Master Bathroom

Another master bathroom that adopts the look of sandy beach. The textured stones are arranged meticulously to embody the natural beach. Beige marble countertop complements the floor very well so that they create a nice harmony. With this spectacular interior, you will always want to linger in the bath tub as long as you can.


A sheer curtain will be great if hung around the bath tub to prevent the splash from wetting the floor and making a mess.

6. Luxurious White Master Bathroom

Luxurious White Master Bathroom

Sleek look has always provided a modern touch to any rooms including your master bathroom. The reflection of the natural light makes the bathroom look brighter and airier.

The white marble with vein patterns gives the touch of luxury to the bath tub and countertop. A soft white pillow is attached on the edge of the bath tub, holding your head and ensuring you the ultimate comfort during the bath time.


  • White always makes rooms look clean and bright.


  • White are prone to dirt.

7. Romantic Master Bathroom

Romantic Master Bathroom

You will not be able to restrain indulging yourself in this romantic bathroom. Both shower and bath tub are available in it. The shower room features a built-in bench that you can use to enjoy the hot water just like in a sauna. Some dry twigs are placed next to the bench to embellish it.

The most beautiful thing of this bathroom is the crystal light hanging above the bath tub. It adds a romantic ambience to the bathroom, making you feel like to spend the whole day soaking in the bath tub.


Adding a rug near the bath tub and the shower room is a great idea.

8. Rustic Master Bathroom Ideas

Rustic master bathroom ideas

Old but not obsolete – that is what can describe this master bathroom well. The use of distressed woods adds a unique charm to it. The exposed beamed ceiling makes this bathroom look more impressive. Instead of a fabric or chanille rug, a rug made of pebbles is placed in front of the shower room’s door.

To accentuate the rustic look, black matte faucets belonging to older era are installed. And the concrete countertop is the icing on the cake.


To avoid damage caused by splash and moist, you will need to varnish the woods. It will protect the woods from getting dank and damaged without compromosing the natural look.

9. Mid Century Modern Master Bathroom

Mid Century Modern Master Bathroom

Enjoy your bath time while engaging with nature with this master bathroom idea. Huge glass windows that let natural light spread throughout the rooms are the backbones of typical mid century modern houses.

This bathroom features an enormous window that allows you to enjoy the spectacular scenery right from the bath tub. This is a really great indulgence especially when you need to escape from the tense of the hustle and bustle of a big city.


  • You can enjoy the spectacular view of the nature while cleaning up your body and mind.


  • The huge window ekspose everything clearly. You surely want to take a bath without being seen by other people, don’t you?

Bathroom is really a place to invigorate yourself. But these master bathroom ideas will take your bath time to the next level. It is no longer about being clean and smell good anymore, but it is also about having a high quality me-time.

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