9 Inviting Restaurant Interior Design Ideas, It Will Inspire You!

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Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

Eating out is not only about tucking away some scrumptious foods, but it is also about enjoying the relaxed ambience. If you are going to run a restaurant and want to make a bundle, the interior design of it has to be epic. Check out these inviting restaurant interior design ideas for an unforgettable eating experience.

1. Let’s Beef The Wall Up

Let's Beef The Wall Up

An inviting restaurant does not have to be exorbitant. A very simple design can be as attractive as those fancy ones.

This restaurant looks simple yet attractive with wooden tables and chairs. But the most attractive thing is the black matte plain wall that is accentuated with some skewers arranged to form the silhouette of a cow. The recessed LED lights highlight it perfectly, making it such a great focal point of this restaurant.


  • The skewers create a great focal point of this restaurant.


  • The exposed skewers can be harmful for your guests.

2. Floating Stars

Floating Stars

The lighting is indisputably one of the most important things in a restaurant. Either dim or bright light, you need to pay attention to it.

This restaurant applies the concept of dim light that usually permeates the romantic vibe. A lot of fluorescent lights hang over the tables. They look like sparkling stars in the sky. LED light is also used to create an attractive magenta light that is shining conspicuously.


  • Instead of installing bamboo webbing for the flooring, you can use wood or tiles for a more comfortable flooring.

3. Lush Restaurant Interior Design

Lush Restaurant Interior Design

The shades of gold decorate the entire restaurant, adding the touch of luxury to it. Even the wooden floor look like golden floor that highlights your steps.

This restaurant implements the style of contemporary interior design which features clear-cut furniture, and avoids using sophisticated and curvy-edge furniture. A lot of recessed LED lights are install to provide plenty of light that can Illuminate the entire restaurant.


  • The furniture makes the restaurant look lush.


  • The furniture can burn a hole in your pocket.

4. Contemporary Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

Contemporary Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

This is another contemporary restaurant that has a breathtaking look. Just like any other contemporary styles, this restaurant features bold and clear-cut furniture that denotes futuristic look. For the lighting, it uses some recessed LED and pendant lights. To stay in the right path of contemporary style, the pendant lights are designed as simple as possible.

To accentuate the restaurant, some clear-glass room divider panels are added which make it look more relaxed. To make your restaurant look more attractive, you can add some either real or plastic flowers.


  • Although nothing can beat the exquisite of real flowers, you can still use plastic ones if you don’t think you can provide a thorough maintenance.

5. Playing with Greenery

Contemporary Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

Adding plants to embellish the interior design of a restaurant has always been a great idea. They will not only make the restaurant look more beautiful, but they will also provide fresh air.

This restaurant uses greenery to adorn some parts of it. The greenery is grown in some rectangular wooden pots which are hung on some boards. The shades of green make the restaurant look more beautiful in a simple way.


  • Greenery is such a nice adornment that can bring positive vibe.


  • Greenery also requires thorough maintenance.

6. Simple yet Elegant

Simple yet Elegant

This restaurant proves that an elegant look does not have to be sophisticated and expensive. If you pick the appropriate colors and arrange them thoroughly, you will get fabulous interior design.

To create an elegant look, this restaurant invests on the furniture that uses the shades of beige. Four mid century modern chairs are placed around each table that is covered by beige tablecloth.

To adorn it, a small white pot that holds a red flower is placed on each table. Sheer and dark beige curtains are used to cover as well as accentuate the windows.


  • If the sheer curtains were pulled back, this restaurant would look nicer with the city landscape.

7. Patchwork Wall and Floor Tiles

Patchwork Wall and Floor Tiles

If hanging wallpaper to cover the blemish as well as adding more colors is boring, you can try installing patchwork tiles on your wall and floor.

Patchwork tiles provide a breadth of colors and patterns to the restaurant. Since the restaurant has been overwhelmed with colors, it will be better if you keep the chairs and tables simple. Wooden chairs and tables with varnish finish are your safe bet.


  • The colors and patterns provided by the patchwork tiles create distinctive look to the restaurant.


  • Installing the tiles is arduous. It entails a lot of time and energy.

8. Luxurious White Restaurant

Luxurious White Restaurant

Applying a certain color scheme for the interior design of a restaurant can be great because it is unique. Most of the furniture of this restaurant is white which makes it look clean and airy.

This restaurant looks luxurious with some huge white pillars standing near the entrances that support high ceiling. In addition to the huge pillars and high ceiling, some crystal lamps hang above the tables and chairs, illuminating the whole room well.


  • The furniture makes the restaurant look luxurious.


  • The luxurious furniture is costly.

9. House of Horror

House of Horror

This restaurant may seem quite creepy for some people. But for some other people who are really into horror movies and spooky things, this place is like heaven. It is unique yet creepy. People can both enjoy the delectable foods as well as taking pictures so that they can show the pictures off on their Instagram.


  • This restaurant is such a safe haven for those who are into creepy things.
  • It is a great place to take as many pictures as possible.


  • Since the furniture is not available in most stores, you need to order it previously which may spend more time and money.
  • The interior design will just suit certain people.

Those are some inviting restaurant interior design ideas that you can implement. Before applying one of these ideas, you need to decide what concept will be used by your restaurant. Happy trying!

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