11+ Sweet and Romantic Bedroom Ideas

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Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom is not only a place to call it a night, but it is also a place where you can have a pillow talk with your spouse and – perhaps – conjure up the moment when you were a newly married couple. Check out these sweet and romantic bedroom ideas that can make him besotted with you all over again.

1. Rustic Gray Romantic Bedroom

Rustic Gray Romantic Bedroom

Although this bedroom looks dated, it still provides the romantic ambience that you have been longing for. The king bed looks comfy and inviting with the silk bed cover that ensures you a luxurious sleep.

The lighting also plays an important role in creating the romantic ambience. Dim light will be your best choice when it comes to creating a romantic vibe. The pendant crystal light and the lamp shades add luxury to this bedroom.


  • The pendant light adds luxury to the bedroom.


  • It is so low that it can make you bump your head.

2. Honeymoon Style Bedroom

Honeymoon Style Bedroom

This bedroom is simple yet inviting. Although it does not have many adornments, it can still bring the romantic ambience for a newly married couple that is honeymooning.

Less is more. That is what we can find here. The sheer curtains hanging around the bed have represented those fancy adornments that can make your bedroom look luxurious. Again, dim light is the safe bet of a romantic bedroom.


  • It will be better if you also install some more lights so that you can read your favorite book while lying on the bed.

3. Luxurious and Romantic Bedroom

Luxurious and Romantic Bedroom

Have you ever imagined having a luxurious bedroom just like a master bedroom in a palace? Why don’t you try to make it tangible?

This bedroom looks like the one that you encountered in some movies. It is full of glamorous things that add the touch of luxury to the bedroom. The combination of gold, pink, and red denote glam. The mint armchairs enable you to relax while enjoying the city landscape right from your bedroom.


  • The dim light complements the golden embellishments.


  • Dim light can be harmful to your eyesight.

4. The Color of Affection

The Color of Affection

Red is the color of affection. Thus, painting your bedroom red will be a great idea. This bedroom is romantic as well as luxurious since it is furnished with red, gold, and beige.

The king-size bed looks fancy with red velvet bed cover that will give you the ultimate comfort. The beige headboard features curvy edges that add the touch of luxury to the bed.

Embossed red fabric wallpaper looks luxurious with those shell-like table lamp. A crystal lamp hangs over the bed, creating a dim and luxurious light.


  • The beige carpet will comfort your feet very well and protect them from cold.


  • Since the beige carpet is tacked down on the floor, it will be hard for you to remove it.
  • The beige carpet is prone to dirt.

4. White Classic Romantic Bedroom

White Classic Romantic Bedroom

White is the color of purity which resembles your pure love. It also adds the touch of elegance to any rooms including your bedroom.

The white bed looks great with the skirted bed cover and curvy headboard. Some sheer curtains are hung around the bed to cover it. The white drawers are accentuated with some golden lines that make them look elegant. To make add the romantic ambience to the room, some white flowers are placed in a white planter.


  • White is a versatile color that can be paired with any colors.


  • White is usually prone to dirt.

5. A Romantic Bedroom in The Attic

A Romantic Bedroom in The Attic

Having a pillow talk while staring at the stars will be your best romantic moment. To make it happen, you need to shove the bed against the window so that you can see the sky clearly and the moon will illuminate the bed. To create a more private ambience, ivory curtains are hung above the bed.


  • The glass window enables you to see what is outside so that you can enjoy the scenery right from your bed.


  • The glass window enables the glare of the sun to pass through which will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • The bed which is placed in a cramped corner feels so awkward.
  • The curtains are also awkward. They only cover some parts of the bed.

6. Simple Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Simple Romantic Bedroom

A simple bedroom that is lack of fuss can provide a romantic ambience. Instead of hanging some paintings on the wall, you can have better than that by bringing the spectacular landscape of the nature to your bedroom with huge glass windows.

In addition to the spectacular landscape, the use of some shades of beige can help to provide the romantic vibe to the bedroom. Do not forget to place either white Lily or Orchid on the table to embellish the room.


  • If you want to add some arts to your bedroom, adding a very simple painting above the headboard will be just fine.

7. Enjoy A Romantic Movie with Your Spouse Right on Your Bedroom

Enjoy A Romantic Movie with Your Spouse Right on Your Bedroom

This bedroom packs a lot of romantic things that you need to conjure up the romantic moment that you had with your spouse. Huge glass windows enable you to enjoy the beautiful sunset together with him. It will be so romantic.

Some people think that installing a television in a bedroom can deter conversation. In fact, to trigger the romantic vibe, you can watch a romantic movie with your husband right on your bed. The romantic scenes of the movie will help you create the romantic ambience that you have been longing for.


  • Although you have a television in your bedroom, it does not mean that you can watch your favorite TV program all the time. Remember what your ultimate goal is!

There are so many romantic bedroom ideas that you can apply to create a romantic ambience in your bedroom. You can even apply one of these ideas. However, you need to remember that decorating your bedroom is not the only one thing to get the romantic vibe. It is you who determine the romantic moment.

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