9 Exquisite Room Divider Ideas that You Will be Dying For

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Small houses and apartments are quite affordable, but you have to get by with their limited space. You might also have to divide the living space from the bedroom and dining room, which leaves you no choice but sacrifice your privacy. It is not a dead end, though. Just apply some room divider ideas such as these samples below.

1. Shutter Room Divider

Shutter Room Divider

Merging the living room with bedroom might not be a good idea since it can harm your privacy. However, building a permanent wall is worse as you will turn them into confined rooms. To protect your privacy without making them look small, you can try installing shutters in place of a permanent wall.


  • The shutters add more charm to both the living room and bedroom.
  • They can be folded so that your home will look more spacious.
  • It is more affordable and less arduous than building brick walls or installing tongue-and-groove paneling.


  • Although it is less arduous, it still needs you to be handy with some carpentry stuff.

2. White Chain-Like Panels with Wheels

White Chain-Like Panels with Wheels

When trying to decipher your work, you need a more private room – a place in which you can spend more time focusing on what you are doing alone. However, you also want your kids to be in sight. Therefore, you need to install these panels.

These white chain-like panels enable you to stay focus in your room while watching your kids playing. Thanks to the beautiful patterns that merely blur the borderline of your workroom and living room.


  • The wheels enable you to open and close the panels easily.


  • Since people can see through them, they will not be the best choice if your ultimate goal is privacy.

3. Add Greenery to Your Room Divider

Add Greenery to Your Room Divider

To blur your dining room as well as accentuating your living room, greenery like boxwood will be your best bet.

These planters hang perfectly above the gray couch, adding nature to this minimalist room. To make the room divider more natural, you do not need to paint it. Varnish it will be enough. But if you want to add some colors, white will be the best choice since it will complement the coffee table very much.


  • Greenery will make your living room look more appealing in a simple way.
  • It also provides fresh air to the room.


  • Having greenery inside the house entails a thorough maintenance unless it is plastic greenery.

4. Bamboo Room Divider

Bamboo Room Divider

Nothing can beat the beauty and authenticity of nature. It always provides more charm to your home just like these bamboos.

These bamboos make a great room divider. It conjures up the moment when you were having dinner in a fancy Japanese restaurant. The natural color of the bamboos blend perfectly with the lights. The decorative plants complement the room divider very well.


  • Arranging greenery with different height by the bamboos can accentuate them as well as conceal their flaws.

5. Dandelion Room Divider Ideas

Dandelion Room Divider Ideas

If you cannot bring nature to your home, at least you can try to paint it. It surely does in a pinch.

These room divider panels have the pictures of beautiful dandelions. They very simple yet attractive because less is more. To accentuate your home, you do not have to be exaggerated, do you?


  • A 3-panel room divider is suitable to hide a small dining table in your living room.

6. Black Curtain Room Divider

Black Curtain Room Divider

Curtains are one of the most ubiquitous and versatile room dividers ever. No wonder many homeowners prefer curtains to be their go-to room divider.

These black curtains are your best bet if you are seeking privacy. They do not feature patterns that enable other people to peek what is inside. When you want to have a larger room, just draw back them.


  • It protects your privacy very well.


  • Plain curtains can be dull.

7. Colorful and Affordable Room Divider

Colorful and Affordable Room Divider

Upcycling the things in your home can be the best way to salt away some money, just like these doors. Instead of throwing them away or just storing them in your attic or storage room, you can turn them into fashionable room divider panels.

To turn these doors into a room divider, you are going to need to join them using some hinges. To make them movable, some small wheels should be added. You can leave the doors that way to create an authentic rustic look. If you want to make them more appealing, however, you can paint them with the color of your choice.


  • You can have an attractive room divider without breaking your cash.


  • This room divider will not fit modern houses.

8. Multifunctional Bookshelf

Multifunctional Bookshelf

If carpentry stuff is not your cup of tea, you can invest on a stylish bookshelf to create a blur borderline between your living room and bedroom.

This bookshelf will keep the clutter at bay as well as hiding the flaws of your bedroom in case you have not made a bed yet. Just like any other bookshelves, you can store some books, photographs, or small planters on it. You can even show your knick-knacks off to your guests so that they will not focus on what is behind the bookshelf.


  • To cover the flaws of your bedroom, you can put books, planters, and many other bigger things on the bookshelf.

9. Epic and Cheap Room Divider

Epic and Cheap Room Divider

An epic and elegant room divider does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. You can even harness the power of nature to create an epic one, just like this one.

To get this look, you need to collect some twigs and arrange them fastidiously to split your living room and bedroom. This idea is extremely cheap and fabulous.


  • To make a durable and attractive room divider, it will be better if you use the twigs or branches of oak or maple tree.

Now you know that small houses with limited space can be fun because you can explore your imagination with one of these room divider ideas. Not only small houses, they can also be applied to bigger houses to accentuate the interior.

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