9+ Splendid Rustic Bathroom Ideas To Warm You Up This Winter

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Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Many people are crazy about rustic look that features distressed wooden furniture, logs, exposed beamed ceiling, and bronze or copper finish. However, if it is done carelessly, the rustic look will turn out nay instead of yay. Try one of these 9 splendid rustic bathroom ideas for your high-quality bath time.

1. Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Limited space does not hinder you from having an impressive rustic bathroom. You can still enjoy soaking yourself in your bath tub despite the small bathroom. The dark brown cabinets topped with marble countertop add an elegant touch to the bathroom. A classic lantern hangs above the countertop, illuminating the mirror dimly.


  • To make the bathroom look more spacious, try investing in a pedestal sink rather than bathroom cabinets that take up a lot of space.
  • For the bathroom storage, you can make some wall mounted racks that you can place above the bath tub or bathroom’s door.
  • To make the bathroom look larger, you can hang a huge mirror so that it reflects the entire room and make it look bigger.

2. Copper is Everywhere

Copper is Everywhere

Copper is one of the significant features of rustic look. And this bathroom comprises copper shades that look amazing. The distressed tiles denote the charm of rustic look which is old but not obsolete. Some parts of the frame of the mirror are covered with rust which takes the rustic look to the next level.

The shower room is covered with exposed natural stone wall, and stone-and-pebble flooring. Now you have a reason to linger over the shower.


  • The mirror’s frame accentuates the rustic look.


  • The rust can be bad for your health. Just make sure you do not touch it since rust is a suitable place for bacteria that trigger tetanus to grow.

3. White Rustic Bathroom Idea

White Rustic Bathroom Idea

Rustic look is not always about brown and gray shades. Even white can make a pretty good rustic look if you do it meticulously.

This small white bathroom is very simple yet impressive. There is not much furniture and adornment in it to maximize the use of the limited space. Instead of in cabinets, you can store some toilet papers and towels on wall-mounted racks hanging above the toilet tank.


  • To make a bathroom with limited space look bigger, installing larger tiles can be a great idea.

4. Cool Rustic Bathroom

Cool Rustic Bathroom

Natural stones with rough and uneven surfaces add more charm to your bathroom. Since the texture is pretty impressive and can draw other people’s attention instantly, you can install them as the backsplash. This natural stone wall can make a pretty good focal point.

The elevated wooden countertop complements the stone wall very much. The absence of cabinets adds more space beneath the countertop so that the bathroom looks more spacious.


  • The bathroom sink looks great in this rustic bathroom despite the modern design.


  • To get this look can cost a lot of money.

5. Elegant Rustic Bathroom Idea

Elegant Rustic Bathroom Idea

Although this bathroom has a little distressed wooden furniture, it does not mean that it does not look rustic. However, the tiles with gray and beige shades embody the elegance of rustic look.

To make it more elegant, some curvy chandeliers with lamp shades are installed on the wall. These lamps do not only illuminate the mirror and photographs very well, but also accentuate the bathroom. A piece of golden brown silk is used to cover the shower room so that the splash will not create too much mess.


  • Add some rugs to absorb the excess water.

6. Big Logs Rustic Bathroom

Big Logs Rustic Bathroom

This bathroom features various sizes of logs that add the rustic touch to it. The bathroom sink is made of stone which makes it look extremely epic. The big round mirror reflects the entire bathroom, making it look bigger than it really is.


  • Adding the big logs is one of the most convenient and affordable way to add the touch of rustic look to any styles.


  • The logs are not arranged fastidiously, making a terrible mess to the bathroom.
  • The logs take up a lot of space.
  • They are merely decorative items that cannot be used to store things. Instead of having so many logs in your small bathroom, it will be better for you to invest on cabinets or racks that you can use to store things.

7. Breathtaking Rustic Bathroom Idea

Breathtaking Rustic Bathroom Idea

The combination of natural stone, exposed beamed ceiling, and galvanized pipes used to shower creates a breathtaking look to this bathroom. Some candles are placed in the shower room to create a relaxed ambience when you are showering.

Instead of using artificial light, this bathroom uses the natural light that was got from the ceiling above. By allowing natural light to pass through the windows, your bathroom will look more spacious and airier.


  • Place a rug by the shower room’s door so that you can dry your feet after having shower.

8. Sauna Style Rustic Bathroom

Sauna Style Rustic Bathroom

This bathroom is a great place to release tense while lingering over the bath time. You can soak yourself in the bath tub while enjoying the scented-candles placed on the natural-stone backsplash which give soothing sensation.

You can also enjoy your me-time by sitting on the stone bench placed at the corner of the bathroom. The most impressive look of this bathroom is the huge logs that accentuate the entire bathroom.


  • It will be better if you hang a curtain to cover the window so that you can still get your privacy.

9. Stone Age Rustic Bathroom

Stone Age Rustic Bathroom

When stepping into this luxurious bathroom, you will feel that you are living in the stone age. You can find natural stones that are deliberately stacked carelessly which creates an artistic look to bathroom.

Sitting at the corner of the bathroom by the window, the bath tub enables you to enjoy bathing while adoring the spectacular view.


  • The natural stones stacked carelessly add an impressive look to the bathroom.


  • To get this look, you might have to spend a lot of money.

Being old and rustic is not obsolete. And these rustic bathroom ideas have proven that rustic look can be impressive and elegant. No wonder many people are dying for this look.

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