27 Stylish Headboard Ideas To Make Your Bed More Interesting

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Stylish Headboard Ideas

You’re gonna need some outstanding headboard ideas in order to make your whole bedroom more interesting. You need to focus on designing the headboard if you want to get your bed design in style. A headboard is like the heart of your bed, so get it well-dressed.

You can also treat your headboard design as the main attraction of the bedroom. There are some ways you can do this. For instance, you may just add impressive artwork above the headboard without even bother to have a new headboard.

When dealing with headboard, some cool ideas are available to be applied in your bedroom. You have to make sure the design to be inviting and stylish. In this article, you will be provided with some stylish headboard ideas to make your bed more interesting.

If you are planning to do a renovation to your bed, this is the chance to make up your mind and get inspired with this outstanding headboard ideas.

1. Upholstered Headboard from Folding Partition

Upholstered Headboard from Folding Partition

Folding partition is so lovely. It breaks up a room beautifully, so you can actually create a room without even having a wall. Well, you can transform it to be you upholstered headboard. It could just be slipped it behind a basic bed frame. It would create a plush and personalized headboard.

It’s an easy DIY project you can do in your spare time to renovate your bedroom. The fabric selection is on you. You can just the fabric pattern you love based on the bedroom design. If you don’t have time to do the upholstery, you can just order it from professionals to apply the custom piece of yours.


  • The fabric color pops up the bed.
  • It makes the bed more interesting.
  • Flexible to be matched with bedroom design.


  • You will have a tall headboard which is not recommended.

2. A Bespoke Bed for Your Bedroom

A Bespoke Bed for Your Bedroom

You can turn any swath of vintage fabric into an impressive custom headboard with a good seamstress. This simple type of headboard design could give you an inviting yet beautiful effect. As you can see, the headboard is in orange color which makes a great match to combine with the bed comforts.

In order to get the wall become less boring and plain, a matching artwork could be a good additional decoration.


  • A small or minimalist bed would be a perfect solution to this.


  • The improvement is so minimal and it’s not an adequate renovation.

3. Simple Slipcovered Headboard

Simple Slipcovered Headboard

I guess this one is the most simple headboard treatment you can have for your bed. With the old classic headboard structure, you could just use simple fabric to cover the headboard. You don’t need to scrap it, sand it or even paint it. Just slip it into something more comfortable.

The good thing about this simple treatment, you could choose whatever fabric you find comfortable with.


  • This treatment is budget friendly.
  • It’s so easy to do.


  • It looks old and so outdated.
  • We can’t call it a renovation.

4. Homemade Wooden Headboard Ideas

Homemade Wooden Headboard Ideas

The yawn producing bedroom can be turned into a stylish sanctuary. You don’t even have to waste a lot of budget for that. This rustic wooden headboard is easy to achieve. It makes a great combination with white elements.

Installing this headboard in the middle of a clean and white surrounding would give a special treatment to it. It would look much more glowing than it actually is. It would bring so much attention. It’s an ideal treatment for this type of headboard.


  • This rustic headboard is dreamy.
  • Great for fans of rustic.


  • It’s like a big dirt in the middle of a clean area.

5. Headboard Design for Bed with Plywood

Headboard Design for Bed with Plywood

With a simple plywood, you can turn a white boring bedroom into a natural beauty. This bedroom design would be loved by Scandi decor’s fans. It doesn’t require some basic woodworking skills to build.

It’s easy to build, you can just use pre-cut lumber to achieve the look. There are some hardware stores that offer a wood cutting with lumber purchases.


  • It feels comfortable and inviting.
  • Add some extra decorations on the plywood headboard to make it filled-up impressively.


  • The white wall looks empty.

6. Cool Headboard Ideas with Pegboard

Cool Headboard Ideas with Pegboard

Pegboard is a common thing to have as organizers. It tends to be installed in a garage for workshop tools. Some people might find it silly to have pegboard to be used transformatively as the headboard.

Take a look at this headboard pegboard, the design is really spicing up the bedroom. Without a doubt, the graphic would improve your dull neutral bedroom to be a lot more interesting. You can just map out the design with painter’s tape on a pegboard before painting.


  • It can still be used as storage organizers too.
  • It’s multifunctional too.
  • The pegboard design is perfect for this masculine bedroom.


  • The garage stuff wouldn’t suitable for the bedroom.

7. Woven Headboard Made of Vertical Blinds

Woven Headboard Made of Vertical Blinds

It has a unique design which is one of a kind. You’ll never find a headboard like this from any store. You can create your own woven headboard by using vertical blinds that you didn’t use anymore. Originally, this headboard is made by the ingenious blogger.

Actually, there is some similar version of this DIY woven headboard you can buy from the store but the price is quite expensive. It would be so much better for your budget if you build it on your own, but it requires extra efforts.


  • It has unique looks.
  • There’s a cool charm expressed from the holes.
  • Add lightings for dramatic looks.


  • It could be less neat without professional hands.

Overall, those seven ideas of headboard would be very helpful for you to have your stylish headboard. You can choose whether you want your bedroom to be rustic, clean, unique, or full of patterns. All of those stylish headboard ideas would surely inspire everyone.

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