9 Alluring Window Dressing Ideas for Any Rooms

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Window Dressing Ideas

Enhancing the look of your house can be done by many ways, one of which is by applying a window treatment. Even though it is merely a single curtain, it can still improve the interior of your house if you do it thoroughly. Check out these 9 alluring window dressing ideas that will definitely add charm to your windows and room.

1. White Shutters and Vine-Pattern Curtains

White Shutters and Vine-Pattern Curtains

Protect your eyes from the uncomfortable glare of the sun while staying cool with white shutters. The typical design of a shutter can instantly give a classic charm to your living room.

It is not just about preventing the glare from making you uncomfortable nor giving the utmost care to your privacy now. It is more than just a window covering. It is about fashion.

These white shutters suit the window trim very well so that they create a nice harmony. To make the windows look more elegant, some curtains with vine pattern sre used to cover both the window and the woood blind.


  • The shutters can protect your eyes from the glare.


  • If the main purpose of installing the shutters is to prevent the glare from passing through the window, hanging some curtains will be just enough.

2. Rustic Window Dressing Ideas

Rustic Window Dressing Ideas

Rustic look has never failed to accentuate your house in an affordable way since you can repurpose anything in that you come across, just like the window topper of this kitchen.

This modern farmhouse kitchen looks great with these worn burlap coffee sacks hung to cover the upper parts of the windows only. They really add a subtle nuance to the white windows.


  • The worn coffee sacks will accentuate the windows of your kitchen without making you short on cash.


  • They only cover the upper part of the windows so that the glare of the sun can still pass through them.

3. Elegant Curtain Ideas

Elegant Curtain Ideas

If privacy is the most important thing for you, but you do not want to miss the natural light either, sheer curtains can be your best bet.

These sheer curtains are hung beautifully to cover the large windows without preventing the natural light to pass through. You can still see things behind them. Since the sheer curtains are quite transparent, you can add some other curtains to cover the windows.

To make the living room look more elegant, you need to pick the ones that have the same color as the sofas or rugs. If the colors of your sofas are too vibrant, alleviating it with neutral or pastel colors will be a superb idea.


  • The combination of sheer and beige curtains makes the living room look lavish.


  • The sheer curtains need thorough maintenance since they are prone to dirt.

4. Nature Window Dressing Idea

Nature Window Dressing Idea

These large glass doors and windows enable you to see what is outside and otherwise which might harm your privacy. Not to mention the glare of the sun.

To make your dining room more private without eradicating the natural light, transparent curtains are hung. The vine-pattern curtains give the idea of the beauty of nature that helps you cover and embellish the windows at the same time.


  • The white transparent curtains are simple yet elegant.


  • To cover the window perfectly, you have to slide the curtains one by one which takes more time.

5. Classy Roller Blinds

Classy Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have been widely used by many homeowners since they are varied in colors and styles. They can roll up and down quickly which is what makes them quite popular.

Investing on these dark beige roller blinds is really a god decision. They perfect the simple look of the living room because they have made a pretty good accessory without overlapping the furniture.


  • The roller blinds can really hinder the glare.


  • You cannot see what is outside.

6. Luxurious Window Dressing Ideas

Luxurious Window Dressing Ideas

These sheer roller blinds protect your privacy to the utmost care without getting rid of the daylight. The blurred image created by the roller blinds add exquisite and elegant patterns to the living room.

Team them with soft waves of sleek dark brown fabric to create a more luxurious look as well as creating a border line between a window and another.


  • The blurred image created by the sheer roller blinds is such an accidentally nice art.


  • The curtains can be quite pricey.

7. Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is the most favorable when it comes to put a privacy to the priority number one while letting the light in. It also adds more patterns to the windows so that you will not have to hang more paintings. Frosted glass is really the safe bet for those who are allergic to dust which are usually collected by typical fabric curtains.


  • It is easy to install.
  • Unlike the fabric curtains that need washing regularly, you do not have to spend much time on cleaning it.


  • Since it is permanently install, you can change it easily.
  • You cannot see what is outside clearly.

8. Artistic Window Dressing Ideas

Artistic Window Dressing Ideas

A nice window dressing idea does not have to break your cash. Even some effortless handcrafts can turn out very well. This window dressing idea is very suitable for those who want to embellish the plain and dull windows in an affordable way.


  • You can adorn the window of your kitchen while having a nest egg.


  • It can’t protect you from both the heat of the sunlight and inquisitive neighbors.

9. Japanese Sheer Panels

Japanese Sheer Panels

If you want to adorn your midcentury modern house, keep it simple. Some sheer panels with cherry-blossom patterns will be the best choice for your minimalist furniture since they are beautiful and not fussy. The pink cherry blossom adds a soothing ambience when you are looking at it as if you were in Japan.


  • The sheer panels add more charm to the huge glass windows.


  • They are merely accessories. They do not even cover the whole windows, which puts your privacy at risk.

There are an abundance of window dressing ideas that can protect your privacy as well as enhancing the style of your house. We do hope these 9 window dressing ideas inspire you to make your house look more alluring.

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